Now taking orders

We have a wide range of items available for collection or delivery. Phone the shop seven days a week on 0131 551 6937 to place an order. 

If you would prefer to visit the shop, we’re currently open to the public:

  • Monday and Friday: 9am-4:30pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am-5pm

Items available 

  • Reclaimed ex-scaffold boards
    Lengths of 1.2m-3.9m
    220mm wide and 34mm thick
    £5.50 per metre

  • Kiln dried, Scottish spruce
    47mm x 200mm (8in x 2in) 3m lengths for £9 each incl VAT
    41mm x 136mm (5in x 2in) 3m lengths for £6 each incl VAT
    Cutting and delivery also available
  • Selection of sheet material
    18mm MDF for £12 per sheet
    OSB Sterling board for £7 per sheet

  • Reclaimed elm
    158cm tall, 34cm wide and 7.5cm thick
    Cleaned up and sanded

  • Chipboard sheets suitable for shelving or flooring
    Large sheet (1430mm x 920mm) for £8 each
    Medium sheet (1355mm x 920mm) for £6 each
    Small sheet (625mm x 920mm) for £3 each

  • Selection of louvre doors
    Small doors (534mm x 458mm; 382mm x 610mm; and 610mm x 610mm) for £10 each
    Tall, thin doors (382 x 1982mm) for £15 each
    Big door (610mm x 1982mm) for £20

  • Large carved oak reclaimed panels
    1m tall and 75cm wide
    £85 each

  • Small carved oak reclaimed panels
    1.6m tall and 47cm wide
    £75 each

  • Selection of hardwood
    Various sizes

  • Vintage timber
    Various sizes