VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards 2023

We’re excited to announce we’ve been shortlisted for the Circular Scotland Award at the 2023 VIBES Scottish Environment Business Awards!

The awards celebrate the efforts of companies working to reduce pressure on the planet’s resources, accelerate action towards net zero, and reinforce the symbiotic relationship between the economy and the environment. 

Move On Wood Recycling is one of the 40 organisations shortlisted this year, all of which cover the breadth of Scotland. The award celebrates the work of social enterprises with the following aims: 

  • Accelerate action to achieve net zero carbon emissions 
  • Encourage the efficient use of resources 
  • Enhance the competitiveness of businesses 
  • Improve environmental performance 
  • Support the wider goals of sustainable development 

The winner will be announced in November 2023, wish us luck and watch this space! 

Read the full info here: Scottish business leaders embracing economic benefits of sustainability | VIBES | Scottish Environment Business Awards