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Sustainable timber and building supplies

You can now browse and buy our range of quality, reclaimed timber on our new online shop.

We sell a large range of timber at affordable prices. Our timber is locally and sustainably sourced from wood collections across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Our range includes scaffold boards, spruce timber, floorboards and sheet materials. We also sell large bags of firewood and kindling.

We offer the option to cut, sand and finish your wood.

Delivery also available.


We’re based at 3 New Broompark, EH5 1RS.

We’re open Monday-Friday, 9am-4:30pm and Saturday-Sunday, 10am-5pm.

Available for collection or delivery

Kiln dried, Scottish spruce

Lengths of 2.4m-4.8m.

4×2, 6×2 and 7×2 available.

Prices range from £4.45-£14.20.

Selection of hardwood

Various sizes.


New construction timber

Locally sourced and FSC certified.

47mm x 150mm (6×2) £2.80/m sold in 2.4m or 4.8m lengths.

45mm x 95mm (4×2) £1.85/m sold in 2.4m lengths.

45mm x 70mm (3×2) £1.40/m sold in 2.4m lengths.

45mm x 45mm (2×2) £0.93/m sold in 3m lengths.

Reclaimed construction timber

Used once and has been de-nailed.

40% cheaper than new prices.

45mm x 95mm (4×2) £1.11/m sold in 2.4m lengths.

45mm x 70mm (3×2) 84p/m sold in 2.4m lengths.

45mm x 45mm (2×2) 56p/m sold in 3m lengths.


Teak wood 

Various sizes.

5″ x 2″ for £35 per metre.

8″ x 2″ for £50 per metre.


Industrial style shelf brackets

Designed to be used with scaffold boards.

Handmade in Glasgow.

Double brackets are £13 each and singles are £9 each.

De-nailed pallet slats

Various lengths but usually approximately 1.2m long.

£0.90 each.

Greenheart timber

176cm x 22cm x 4.5cm.

Extremely durable.


Pine beam

254mm x 202mm x 2.31m.